Cheap raincoat

Rainy days, people like to wear a raincoat to protect water and wind.


Different materials of raincoat have different cost. Today let’s us recommend you the cheapest raincoat that is the most valuable raincoat for your choice.


TOPRISE as a China raincoat manufacturer who can help you save raincoat purchase cost based on low MOQ . And also we support door to door service to every final customer and help customer to reduce troubles of purchase the cheapest raincoat directly from the manufacturer.


Every people must want to purchase the cheapest raincoat. But don’t know where to buy . Even some customer know where to buy and they will meet different troubles of delivery on the way. Today TOPRISE help you solve the problems of how to purchase the cheapest raincoat directly from a local China raincoat manufacturer.


Cheap raincoat

CHEAP PE raincoat

Cheap raincoat. First, let us introduce the cheapest raincoat materials. The most cheapest raincoat material is PE raincoat as the below attached pic. Thickness over 0.02-0.03mm. Disposable PE raincoat have rain poncho design, also have raincoat design, see pic.for reference.  Disposable raincoat support customized logo printing that is widly used in outdoor group activities, water park activities , outdoor hiking etc.

Second, consider the areat it will be used for the raincoat. Cause different materials of raincoat suit for different area. Such as worker raincoat better choice material of rubberized raincoat, PU raincoat, heavy duty PVC/polyester/PVC raincoat. Daily used hiking raincoat better choice rubberized raincoat material or portable nylon raincoat. Fashion raincoat people will choice to use PU raincoat. Promotion cheap raincoat people will choice PE disposable raincoat or EVA raincoat or PVC raincoat. Actually ,when people choice the cheap raincoat must consider where it will be used then let us pick the most suitable raincoat that is cheap and worthful .


When you purchase raincoat, if have any doubts of purchase what kind material of cheap raincoat, can contact TOPRISE at any time, we will recommend the most suitable raincoat to fit for your demand. Email


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