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Firstly, let’s talk about materials.

We have kinds of materials for choice such as PVC, EVA, PE, PVC/fabric (polyester/nylon), PU/fabric. From the perspective of costs, we can rank them as PE, PVC, EVA, PVC/fabric, PU/fabric (note: nylon is more durable and lighter than polyester). Environmentally, it’s suggested to select EVA or PU coated raincoats.


Secondly, let’s come to the size.

Regarding that the kids are wearing jackets or other clothes inside, please select one size bigger for your children. On one hand, it could better protect your kids from getting wet; on the other hand, it helps you save money. Because kids are growing fast.


Thirdly, consider the space for school bag.

Most kids like to take their school bags. Thus, it’s essential that we take it into consideration. With school bag space left at the back of the rain coat, the design could help protect your kids school bag from wetness. Of course, it would be much better, if there are pockets on the rain coats. As you see, it would be more practical and useful for kids. They will like the rain coat much more.


Fourthly, try to select bright cartoon design rain coat. Kids love the cute world so much. As the saying goes that love me love my dog. The kids would keep the raincoats well against any damage for the cute cartoon design on the coats.

How to Choose the Right Raincoat
How to Choose the Right Raincoat


Fifthly, try the raincoat on. Problems can be better found when the rain coat was put on. For instance, a loose shoulder would make kids uncomfortable.

Sixth, get your nose close to the rain coat. Smell it and you will see whether the materials is environmental or not. The stronger the smell, the poorer the material. But it’s unavoidable that plastic stuff always have some smells. So keep the raincoats in place with good ventilation to get rid of the odour.


Last but not least, spread up the raincoat to see whether the stitching is dense and clean or not, and whether there are holes on the seam.

Above is about how to Choose the Right Raincoat for Kids. Learn more styles of raincoats