TOPRISE is a China professional dog raincoat manufacturer

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TOPRISE is a China professional dog raincoat manufacturer for more than 10 years.

We are dedicating to producing different materials of dog raincoat for your honey pet and also support to add reflective tapes for dogs safety during night.

In the rainy days, your honey dogs hate rain even those with fur thick eough to protect them from stinging cold rain, And also some dogs with little fur that they are more in demand of raincoat.Even though most dogs don’t really need to wear a raincoat when going on walks, but these are some breeds that benefit from wearing raincoats. Like the short haired dogs who tpically dont have a thick undercoat to protect them from the cold of the rain. They need raincoats to keep warm to avoid cold. Stop rain in its tracks with our collection of dog raincoats, perfect to keep your honney dogs dry on the rainiest of days.

Toprise as a professional dog rainwear manufacturer, we are aim to help your honey pet avoid wet-dog misery. We produce the most excellent water-resistant dog rain coats for your honney dogs.

China professional dog raincoat manufacturer TOPRISE’S  dog raincoats have the following features:

  • waterproof
  • significant belly coverage
  • reflective piping for visibility
  • mud repellent
  • multiple sizes
  • machine washable

We offer various sizes of dog raincoats for every honey dogs.

Don’t hesite to geeting raincoats for your honey dougs in those rainy days. Full water-resistant with a hood to keep your dog cosy and dry in all weathers.

We support customized dog raincoat design, logo ,size, packing etc. with low MOQ. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get the best offer for dog raincoat.

TOPRISE is a China professional dog raincoat manufacturer