Daily Care for the Raincoat on Mud-TOPRISE RAINCOAT NEWS

As we know, raincoat is a necessity in rainy days. And it often happens that there could be some mud on them.

Caring for Raincoats

No. 1: Remember to clean them up with a cloth in time, because it would be much easier to have them cleaned at the very beginning when the mud is still wet.

Don’t rinse the raincoat in case of separating the coating and the fabric. The rinsing would lead to bubbles on your raincoats. One more advice: keep the raincoat away from washing powder, bleach water, petrol, alcohol and alkaline soap.

No.2: Soap & laundry detergent could be helpful for mud, which is hard to get removed.

If there is black spot, the rain coat could get mildewed or oily materials. Don’t worry. Use a soft brush to clean it with water and add some cleanser essence if the spots are too hard to remove. Lemon juice also works in removing mildew.


No.3: Get the raincoat dried by hanging on line. Otherwise, the rain coat could easily get mildewed.

Please remember that never use the dryer for drying. And avoid the raincoat dried under the direct sunshine, which could cause the falling off the coating. Consequently, the waterproof performance would be missing.


No.4: After the rain coat getting dried, fold it up into the bag for easy stock. In case of raincoats getting sticky against each other, put a newspaper inside for separation.


When it rains next time, you could take it out and put it on conveniently. Daily Care for the Raincoat on Mud-TOPRISE RAINCOAT NEWS

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