Toprise is a professional raincoat manufaturer who support customized raincoat with MOQ 500-1000 PCS. If you have any new design raincoat need to be developed , can contact TOPRISE for customized raincoat at any time.


How to customized raincoat?


Customized raincoat

  • First ,confirm your design of the raincoat. Here we support you choose our current designs of raincoat with your customized logo, size etc. And also we support you make your customized design raincoat based on your requirement. We can do boys and girls rain gear of raincoat, rain jacket, rain poncho, rain suit, rain trench coat etc. We also can do men and women rain gear of raincoat, rain jacket, rain poncho, rain suit, rain trench coat etc. Check TOPRISE current raincoat design.


  • Confirm the material of the raincoat you need.  Usual have plastic raincoat such as EVA raincoat, PE raincoat, PVC raincoat, PEVA raincoat, TPU raincoat, degradable plastic raincoat etc. Worker rubberized raincoat (polyester with pvc coated material raincoat) ,heavy duty PU raincoat, PVC/Polyester or PVC/polyester/PVC raincoat, Oxford with PVC or PU coated raincoat etc. We support customized raincoat material.


  • Third, confirm the size of the raincoat. We can do any size of the raincoat that is based on customer’s requirement. Different kids raincoat or adult raincoat due people from different country the size will be different. Just refer us your market information or directly send your raincoat size chart for our reference.

Customized raincoat

  • Fourth, confirm the logo of the raincoat. As a professional raincoat manufacturer from China, our factory have much experience of raincoat printing. We support customized large logo and complex logo printing. Toprise support customized logo max width 30 cm, height within 100 cm, CMYK or spot color printing. We met many customer have met troubles due for the large printing of the raincoat, if you met Toprise, no printing matter will arrouse you cause TOPRISE as a special raincoat manufacturer who support you big and complex logo printing.


  • Fifth, confirm the order quantity of the new raincoat. Usual customized raincoat MOQ 1000-3000 PCS ,depends on your detail requirement of the raincoat material and printing etc.


  • Sixth, confirm the raincoat packing, toprise support customized packing of raincoat .


If any raincoat in demand, don’t contact TOPRISE to get latest offer accordingly. As a professional raincoat factory, TOPRISE support disposable raincoat, heavy duty raincoat, fashional raincoat, cute raincoat, military raincoat, motorcycle raincoat,hiking raincoat, police raincoat, army raincoat, outdoor raincoat etc.


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